Teach For America Upcoming Underclassmen Opportunities

Greetings! I know each of you is extremely busy, so I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
As Teach For America’s current Manager of Recruitment at CWRU, I would like to inform you of upcoming venues for underclassmen to cultivate their leadership skills and engage in a variety of professional development opportunities.  Please see the below initiatives for further information.
  1. Lead Now Initiative: Freshmen and Sophomores-Students cannot participate without a nomination, so please consider nominating them. The Lead Now Initiative will be a series of virtual events in which we’re partnering with Gallup and other major companies to help students maximize their strengths and further develop their areas for growth.  It’s a great way for underclassmen to engage in professional development opportunities early on.  In order for us to invite students to participate, however, they must be nominated.  Go ahead and fill out this survey to nominate your very top freshmen and sophomores. I’ve also attached a press kit with more information regarding the experience and nomination criteria.
  2. CCC Nominations:  Sophomores and JuniorsCampus Campaign Coordinator is a part time paid position in which they are in charge of developing a campus marketing campaign and implementing it in order to encourage students on campus to learn more about Teach For America and ultimately apply (job description and application attached). Please consider students who are organized, great time managers, and resilient in the face of challenges. Please email me their first and last name to nominate them.  Even if they have not been nominated, students may still apply. The deadline is March 19th.
  3. Upcoming School Visits: All Students. We’re working on creating a partnership with Case and Breakthrough Charter Schools Network to provide CWRU students with the opportunity to engage in local community service.  Before things are formalized, however, we’re inviting students to attend one of two upcoming school visits.  At the moment, we have visits planned for Tuesday, March 13 and Wednesday, April 18 for our last visits to Breakthrough’s Prep Schools this year.  Times are flexible depending on when students are available (morning/afternoon), but if you wouldn’t mind circulating the information around and referring students to the following RSVP surveys, that would be wonderful. 
  4. Self Nomination Survey: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors. If you know of anyone who is interested in meeting with a recruiter or would like to learn more about the application process and/or gain details surrounding Teach For America, please pass this link along to them so I can reach out to them directly.
Thank you for your help and support.  Feel free to pass these opportunities along to relevant faculty and students.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! 

US DoE Fuel Cycle Research Awards Competition

The Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies of the U.S. Department of Energy is sponsoring the third annual Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research awards competition for students. The program is designed to:

  1. award graduate and undergraduate students for innovative fuel-cycle-relevant research publications and
  2. demonstrate the Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies’ commitment to higher education in fuel-cycle-relevant disciplines.

In addition to cash prizes, the top-ranked prize winners will present in a special session of the 2012 ANS Winter Meeting. Additionally, some participants will be invited to participate in an Innovators’ Forum, a forum designed around innovative thinking techniques and engaging students in advancing innovations in fuel cycle research. Both events offer compensation for allowable travel expenses.

Please note that the application deadline is midnight, Wednesday, April 11.

The Subject Areas

  • Nuclear Science and Engineering (theoretical, experimental, and/or modeling work on nuclear reactions including fission, capture, transmutation; nuclear physics; chemistry; nuclear engineering, etc.)
  • Chemical Separations
  • Waste Forms (including long-term storage, transportation, and disposal of commercial used nuclear fuels and High Level Waste)
  • Advanced Materials (in core including cladding and structural materials; Material Science)
  •  Nuclear Fuels
  • Nuclear Material Accountability and Control Instrumentation
  • Systems Analysis and Energy Policy (Includes decision support simulators which may include game theory, economic modeling, applied mathematics, energy policy, and nuclear energy policy)

The Competitions and the Awards*

To be eligible, students apply via an on-line application and submit a journal publication or conference presentation that supports fuel cycle research that was published or presented between December 2010 and the date of the student’s application. Papers that have been accepted by a journal or conference but have not yet been published or presented, are eligible.

There are three competitions:

  • Open Competition** (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to award 1st and 2nd place awards in each of the above subject areas): 1st Place $3000, 2nd Place $2,500.
  • Competition for Students who Attend Universities with Less than $630M in 2009 R&D Expenditures  (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to provide 5 awards): $1,500.
  • Undergraduate Competition (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to provide 5 awards): $1,000.

*This awards program is for U.S. citizens.

**The first place winners in the Open Competition will present at the ANS Winter Meeting.

How to Apply

The application process is easy. Go to www.fuelcycleinnovations.org and complete the simple online application. Then convert the publication to a PDF file and submit as an email attachment to innovations@wtamu.edu.

Product Development & Process Evaluation Intern Position

1. Primary function:  Operation of Keyland Polymer’s prototype and process develop application system for UV-cured powder coatings.

2. Responsibilities:  Keyland has initiated a process and material development program.  The Intern’s primary responsibility is the application and evaluation of UV-curable powder coatings on various types of substrates.

  • Activities will include
    • Operation of UV Cure Powder Coating Demonstration / Prototype line
    • Identify important process parameters that influence coating performance
    • Investigate and validate pretreatment processes  on non-conductive substrates
    • Documentation and record keeping  for all processes and activities
    • Conduct demonstrations for prospective customers
  • Develop sample sets demonstrating the performance capability of UV-cure powder coatings on various substrates and geometries
    • Work with Keyland chemists to develop UV-cure powder coatings  for specific substrates
  • The Intern will actively support the integrity, safety, quality, and productivity goals of Keyland Polymer
  • Other responsibilities not as of yet defined.

3.  Line of responsibility:  Reports to Formulation & Production Manager at Keyland Polymer Ltd. 

4. Time Requirements:  16 hours per week.  This is a part time position with future opportunity to transition to full time position.

5.  Minimum Job Qualifications:  Studying for bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a minor in these subjects.    System design, DOE and computer programming aptitude a plus.  The successful candidate will have strong interpersonal communication skills, be able to work in a small company environment where team building is a requirement for success.  The candidate must be able to work independently without direct supervision.

6.  Compensation:  Will be hourly and the rate determined based upon qualifications and experience.

7.  Evaluation:  Evaluation will be based upon quality and output of work product.


Interested applicants should email their resume to keylandpolymer@yahoo.com.   Thank you.

Analytical Chemist Opportunity in Lake County, OH

The primary function of this position is to conduct experiments to provide necessary data for the development of improved or new electrocatalytic coatings and/or electrochemical processes. This position requires a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and three years of experience for consideration.

Duties Include:

  • Plan, organize an perform assigned development tasks/experiments
  • Assist supervisor in design and development of experimental electrode structures and procedures
  • Analyze and interpret experimental data and assist in modifying experimental plans
  • Maintain proper documentation of experiments, write necessary reports and provide assistance to patent counsel for patent applications
  • Review technical literature and communicate pertinent information to supervisor and project associates
  • Purchase and maintain inventory of chemicals and materials to satisfy project needs
  • Maintain an orderly and safe working environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required

Interested candidates, please forward resume and salary requirements to rokorb@gmail.com.

Dan Tyson
ACS Isotopics Editor

QC Supervisor Position in Solon

Amresco, LLC (a VWR International Company) is looking for a Quality Control Supervisor in Solon, OH. Please see the attachment for details.

Dan Tyson
ACS Isotopics Editor

U. Buffalo Graduate Student Symposium

Dear Graduate Students,

The graduate students at the University at Buffalo are hosting our 30th annual Graduate Student Symposium (GSS).  We are inviting students from a number of universities to attend and hope to have the largest venue/number of participants in recent years. Graduate students may participate by presenting a poster at the poster session and/or give a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation of their research.

This year we are excited to have keynote addresses by three prominent invited speakers, Prof. Song Jin from the University at Wisconsin, Madison, Prof. Lisa McElwee-White from the University of Florida, and Prof. Corey R. J. Stephenson from Boston University.

Throughout the years we have been able to make the symposium completely free of cost for its attendees through the generous donations of our sponsors. Food is also provided for breakfast and lunch throughout the symposium for all participants. This symposium is a great opportunity to become exposed to other students’ and professors’ research, to make contacts in academia, and to gain experience which can add to your curriculum vitae.

The symposium will be held on May 16th – 18th 2012 at UB’s Natural Sciences Complex. Please visit our new website at www.buffalogss.com in order to view information about the symposium, including information about invited speakers, important deadlines, how to upload an abstract, register for the event, or contact us.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will attend.  Please contact us with any questions.

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Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m following up on my previous email to continue the recruiting process for this summer’s internship and the upcoming scholarship year.  To reiterate, we have increased the scholarship amount from $30,000 to $60,000 for the two years.  I am attaching a flyer for distribution to faculty and students.  Our application deadline for both programs is March 19.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for all your help with this great program.

Best regards,

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