US DoE Fuel Cycle Research Awards Competition

The Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies of the U.S. Department of Energy is sponsoring the third annual Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research awards competition for students. The program is designed to:

  1. award graduate and undergraduate students for innovative fuel-cycle-relevant research publications and
  2. demonstrate the Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies’ commitment to higher education in fuel-cycle-relevant disciplines.

In addition to cash prizes, the top-ranked prize winners will present in a special session of the 2012 ANS Winter Meeting. Additionally, some participants will be invited to participate in an Innovators’ Forum, a forum designed around innovative thinking techniques and engaging students in advancing innovations in fuel cycle research. Both events offer compensation for allowable travel expenses.

Please note that the application deadline is midnight, Wednesday, April 11.

The Subject Areas

  • Nuclear Science and Engineering (theoretical, experimental, and/or modeling work on nuclear reactions including fission, capture, transmutation; nuclear physics; chemistry; nuclear engineering, etc.)
  • Chemical Separations
  • Waste Forms (including long-term storage, transportation, and disposal of commercial used nuclear fuels and High Level Waste)
  • Advanced Materials (in core including cladding and structural materials; Material Science)
  •  Nuclear Fuels
  • Nuclear Material Accountability and Control Instrumentation
  • Systems Analysis and Energy Policy (Includes decision support simulators which may include game theory, economic modeling, applied mathematics, energy policy, and nuclear energy policy)

The Competitions and the Awards*

To be eligible, students apply via an on-line application and submit a journal publication or conference presentation that supports fuel cycle research that was published or presented between December 2010 and the date of the student’s application. Papers that have been accepted by a journal or conference but have not yet been published or presented, are eligible.

There are three competitions:

  • Open Competition** (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to award 1st and 2nd place awards in each of the above subject areas): 1st Place $3000, 2nd Place $2,500.
  • Competition for Students who Attend Universities with Less than $630M in 2009 R&D Expenditures  (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to provide 5 awards): $1,500.
  • Undergraduate Competition (with well-qualified, eligible papers, the intent is to provide 5 awards): $1,000.

*This awards program is for U.S. citizens.

**The first place winners in the Open Competition will present at the ANS Winter Meeting.

How to Apply

The application process is easy. Go to and complete the simple online application. Then convert the publication to a PDF file and submit as an email attachment to


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