GRE/SAT Test Preparation Instructor Positions

We are seeking test preparation instructors for our GRE and SAT classes.  These are part-time positions with classes once per week on Sundays.  We seek intelligent, charismatic instructors who have both top test scores and excellent teaching skills.  Our company has a social mission to provide top caliber test preparation courses at a value price.  Team Sherwood is committed to the social responsibility of accessible test preparation courses: Everyone deserves to put their best score out there.
Salary: $30.00 per hour for GRE and/or SAT classroom instruction.
Education: Current graduate or professional student (Ph.D. (or equivalent), Master’s, J.D.); or Completed Ph.D. (or equivalent), J.D., or Master’s degree.
Test Scores: Top-tier test scores on one of the following: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT, or ACT.
Teaching Experience: Have taught at least one university semester/quarter class.  Prior university teaching experience is required.
Quantitative and Verbal Skills: Must have BOTH excellent math and verbal/writing skills.  Sherwood Test Prep Instructors teach the entire course.
Consistent Sunday Commitment: We seek team players who are flexible and can teach on consecutive Sundays throughout the entire year.  We only take off four weekends per year (those corresponding to): Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  Instructors can teach from 3 to 6 hours per weekend.
If interested, please send your (1) Cover Letter, (2) Resume/Vita, and (3) Test Scores to:  Interviews and hiring are to commence immediately.Teaching test preparation is a fun and rewarding experience.  As an instructor you will have the opportunity to help bright, high-achieving students achieve their goals and dreams of entering their first choice Universities and programs.  We hire good people who are intelligent, compassionate, honorable, and dependable.  All test prep instructors are respectfully treated as faculty members and are afforded autonomy and latitude in the courses they teach.At Sherwood Test Prep, our work is to help others.

Highly Selective Urban Education Fellowship

I’m the Recruitment Manager of a great teacher prep program in Boston called MATCH Teacher Residency.  Basically, we give recent college graduates one year of intense training designed to make them unusually effective rookie teachers.  We then help them find positions in high-need schools, and continue to support them as they begin their careers in the classroom.

Our program has been training teachers for grades 6-12 from the very beginning, and we’re especially excited about our new Elementary teacher training program that launched last year.

All the info on our program can be found here:

I have a simple request that seems win-win if indeed you help one of your students find just the “right” opportunity upon graduation: Could you please take the time to forward the following blurb along to the students from your Chemistry classes?

If you’d be kind enough to help, I’d be really grateful and thankful that you desired to help our students find a fantastic future teacher.

All the best,

Eric Johnson

Recruitment Manager


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