Call for Student Posters at Green Chemistry Conference in Cleveland

On April 1, 2014 there will be a  Great Lakes Green Chemistry Conference with a focus on “Innovating for Success in Green Chemistry” in Cleveland. Please feel free to forward and/or post the attached ‘Call for Student Posters’ to any students, researchers or graduate students who might be interested.

The purpose of this conference is to show how innovations in green chemistry drive advances in business, academia, policy, and human health protection in the Great Lakes region, and how integration and                      collaboration of these areas are crucial for success. The conference will include keynotes, plenary sessions, panel sessions, breakout sessions and a poster networking exchange.

A poster networking exchange  session will be offered to enable interactive discussions for research and implementation strategies related to green chemistry. We are inviting posters from anyone involved in research, safer formulations, new product development and implementation, decision-making tools, or technical assistance. Ideally, posters will make a connection between green chemistry expertise and business needs in product development in safer chemistry.   Student involvement is encouraged and entries from students are welcome.

Please submit by January 31, 2014 to     If you have any questions, please contact Kim Richards at or (202)299-9701.


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