Grad School Preview Program for Underrepre​sented Minorities at UW-Madison Chemistry Department

The UW-Madison Chemistry Department will again be running its preview program to give students (mostly minority/disadvantaged) an opportunity to visit Madison and the Department in September 2014, before applications for grad school are due.  We hope to attract 20-25 college seniors to the CHOPs (CHemistry OPportunities) program, which will be held September 11-13 in Madison.  More information and a link to the application is available at

We would like to introduce UW-Madison Chemistry to students who may not consider Madison as a first choice for graduate work.  We would be very grateful if you could forward this email to your rising seniors who may be considering starting graduate work in Chemistry in Fall 2015.

The success of our first several programs has persuaded us that this will be an annual event, so if you keep track of Preview programs, we would appreciate you adding UW-Madison Chemistry to your list.


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