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K-12 Teaching Jobs for Chemistry Majors

Southern Teachers Agency has helped great schools hire great teachers since 1902.  We recruit top talent from college schools of education, teacher-training programs, and—what many folks may not realize—from wide-ranging academic departments.  We seek top scholars and student-athletes who are called to lead, to connect with teenagers, to help children.

In particular, the private/independent schools with which we work need strong science teachers.

Hiring requirements in private/independent schools are typically more flexible than at public schools.  For science teaching jobs in particular, schools will hire science majors (and even science minors) if they have a) strong understanding of their subject matter, b) enthusiasm for leading extracurricular activities and/or coaching sports, and c) demonstrable aptitude for managing and motivating students.  Simply put, completing a teacher certification program or earning a degree in secondary education is not a hiring prerequisite for middle/high school science math teachers in most private schools.

Teaching at private/independent schools means building close relationships in small classes, innovating and collaborating, inspiring discovery, focusing on learning—not on test taking.  School communities include dedicated faculty, supportive alumni, and devoted parents who invest time and tuition to prepare children for college and for lives of leadership and service to others.

STA can help your top students get these great science teaching jobs

STA’s reputation is outstanding.  Schools in the South have hired more candidates from STA than from any other source.  Their trust in our expertise and integrity has sustained us since 1902.

STA’s reach is expansive.  While we are a regional company, we receive thousands of job listings from nearly 600 schools in 16 states, from the Middle Atlantic south to Florida and west to Texas.

STA’s staff is excellent.  Placement counselors provide personal attention in assembling credentials files, preparing for interviews, and discerning job opportunities.

STA’s services are free to candidates.  Schools pay for our services—because they want the best.




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