Encourage your students to apply to OSBP

As the graduate application season is now upon us, we are writing to encourage you to recommend the Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP) to any of your talented students who are interested in graduate education in Biochemistry.

OSBP is an interdisciplinary graduate program that trains students to investigate the biochemical basis of life and disease.  Over 100 faculty from more than 6 colleges are members of OSBP, creating a broad training environment in which students learn theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry as applied to cutting-edge research problems.  Our outstanding students attend national and international scientific conferences, successfully compete for graduate funding, and participate in a seminar series with world-renowned speakers.  And yet, with only 15 students per year and dedicated core classes, OSBP is a tight-knit community within the larger university.  We believe that the vibrant research community at Ohio State will provide your students with the training and environment to ensure a strong start to their scientific careers.

Application information can be found online at http://osbp.osu.edu/admissions.  All domestic applicants (US citizens) who wish to be considered for graduate school fellowships must complete their applications by December 13, and the final application deadline is January 1.



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