Great Lakes Regional NMR Symposium

Dear Colleagues,
I write to alert you to a wonderful scientific symposium being organized by Phoebe Stewart and the NMR user group of the Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology.  It will take place on Friday, Sept. 11 (please see the attached flyer).  The keynote talks will be exceptional and promise to beautifully integrate structural biology with biological function and medical issues. One of the keynote speakers, NAS member Angela Gronenborn (University of Pittsburgh), will also be meeting with female students under the auspices of the ACES Program (thanks to the generous support of Lynn Singer).
If you would like to attend the symposium (it is free and in the new facilities at the Tinkham-Veal Student Center), please register yourselves at Please also invite all of your students and lab members to register and attend.
POSTERS ARE WELCOME!  The topics can be directly or indirectly structural — our interests are broad (i.e., exploiting any form of crystal, NMR or EM-derived structures downloaded from international databases to aid in the interpretation of biochemical, genetic or physiological studies). Trainees can submit abstracts at (when you click on Online Submission Form you will see the instructions):
As an aside, this week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine highlights the importance of protein structures in next-generation anti-cancer dug design, with an editorial celebrating a multidisciplinary lead article from Memorial Sloan Kettering that does from the structure of a protein target to a clinical trial in a specific form of cancer driven by that protein.
This will be truly be an inspiring event and promises to stimulate ideas for new interdisciplinary collaborations.

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