Quantitative Biology PhD Program at CU-Boulder

The IQ Biology PhD program is for students who want to create their own path and have the desire to pursue research that is unscripted.

IQ Biology is not just for biologists!

We started our IQ Biology PhD program to nurture students who can reach across disciplines and develop productive teams consisting of multiple experts. Our results have amazed us. Our fifth class of graduate students recently began their journey through the Ph.D. process, and will continue through their first year in the labs of world-class researchers across disciplines and departments.

IQ Biology students come from diverse academic backgrounds such as Physics, Computer Science, Applied Math, Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering. In addition to receiving a certificate in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology, our students receive a PhD in one of nine disciplines. Visit our website for the complete list of partner departments.

As an IQ Biology student, your experiences (specialized coursework, research rotations in multiple departments and your interactions with your colleagues) will be distinct from traditional doctoral education resulting in your becoming a well-rounded, cutting-edge researcher able to transcend academic boundaries. To find out more about the application processes click here, and to find out more about our faculty, curriculum and students visit our website.

Connecting you to your vision
From the very beginning, your experience in the IQ Biology program will be about creating the future you want and the world needs. We already built the connections between our nine partner departments so that you can focus on doing innovative research and participating within our large network of collaborators at CU-Boulder, CU’s Anschutz Medical Campus, NIST and other institutions.
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BioFrontiers Director Tom Cech congratulates IQ Biology’s newest graduates: Daniel McDonald and Adam Robbins-Pianka.
Meet our students

The IQ Biology program attracts a talented, diverse, and driven cohort. Your experiences will be distinct from traditional doctoral education resulting in your becoming a well-rounded, cutting-edge researcher able to transcend academic boundaries.

Our students speak for themselves. You can read some of their blogs about their PhD experiences here:

“On the leading edge” by Nora Connor
“Science in pictures” by Topher Weiss-Lehman
“Understanding RNA” by Aaron Wacholder

Meet all of our IQ Biology students here
About the BioFrontiers Institute

The BioFrontiers Institute was built on a vision of creating a flexible and supportive environment for scientists and engineers to work across disciplines on projects that might be outside the realm of traditional research in their area.

Faculty members at BioFrontiers have a passion for their work, and openness to new ideas, allowing them to embrace challenges in core areas like genomics, bioimaging, therapeutic paradigms and regenerative biology.

The Institute is housed at the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building. Many of CU’s leading researchers have labs in the interdisciplinary building, including Marvin Caruthers, Tom Cech, Leslie Leinwand, and Kristi Anseth. In addition to teaching spaces and collaborative laboratories, the building also provides core facilities to support CU researchers and the local biotech community. Learn more at our website

http://iqbiology.colorado.edu | contact: IQBiology@colorado.edu


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