Call for 2017 ACS GSSPC Applications

Call for 2017 ACS GSSPC Applications

The Spring 2016 American Chemical Society Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee hosted by Purdue University is calling for applications for the Spring 2017 ACS GSSPC.

Who should apply? A group of up to 6 chemistry graduate students, from different research groups, that are interested in hosting an ACS Symposium.

What does this opportunity provide? The group selected to be the Spring 2017 ACS GSSPC will be awarded the opportunity to plan a day long symposium at the Spring 2017 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA. They will also receive $1,000 to travel to the Spring 2016 ACS National Meeting in San Diego to attend the Spring 2016 GSSPC Symposium. Applications are due no later than November 13th, 2015. Additional information about the current Spring 2016 GSSPC and the application requirements are available on our website: Additional information can be found at

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