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Interested in Law, Business, and Technology?

The one-year Master of Science in Law (MSL) program at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law prepares students for careers at the intersection of law, business, and technology. Designed especially for students with engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and medical backgrounds, the MSL provides practical, focused, business-centered legal training that enables students to communicate across disciplines; develop, protect, and manage intellectual property; bring ideas to market; and navigate the legal and regulatory structures that exist in STEM settings. MSL graduates are well positions for careers as: patent agents; IP/patent portfolio managers; scientific and/or technical consultants; business developers; regulatory strategists; compliance officers; patent coordinators; entrepreneurs; and more.  Scholarships are available.


Learn more by joining us for our upcoming webinar. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the MSL program, including curriculum, full-time and part-time scheduling, career opportunities, and more. We will also take questions from the audience.



Anyone interested in the Master of Science in Law program is welcome to contact Susan Dennehy, Administrative Director,


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Susan Dennehy, Ph.D.

Administrative Director – Master of Science in Law Program|Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

375 E. Chicago Avenue |Chicago, IL 60611 |LM 266 |312.503.5376 |


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