2016 Byron Fellowship: Nominate Prospective Fellows

We would like your support nominating outstanding participants for the
2016 Byron Fellowship, which will take place in Asheville, North
Carolina from Sunday, July 31st to Friday, August 5th.

The Byron Fellowship is a transformational experience and community of
generative leaders co-creating a flourishing world. Our program
empowers the next generation of emerging leaders to engage their
unique abilities in leading generative efforts within their own

We are requesting your support identifying 20 exceptional upper class
undergraduates, graduate students, or recent graduates –
entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and social entrepreneurs who are both
making a profound difference in their own communities and keenly
attuned to the challenges we share globally.

Please nominate prospective fellow(s) here:

The student cost of the program is limited to a subsidized rate of
$250, which includes food and lodging for the week. Need based
scholarships are available.

We would be delighted to receive your nominations for the 2016
program. We are reviewing applications on a biweekly basis, until the
application system closes on Friday, May 13th. Priority is given to
the first participants to apply from their particular
school/organization, area of study, and background to create diversity
for a holistic exploration of sustainability. Prospective candidates
should submit an application as soon as possible to make certain the
application is considered.

The application can be completed on our website:

All application materials, including a letter of recommendation,
should be submitted no later than Friday, May 13th to be considered
for this year’s programs. However, given our system of rolling
admissions, it is very much in the participants’ favor to submit today
or as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this
e-mail or contact Laura at info@byronfellowship.org or (317) 449-0470.
We are available by email or phone to answer questions.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.



Gabriel B. Grant

Co-Founder | Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation
Co-Founder | Authentic Sustainability
Founder | Human™ Cards
Doctoral Candidate | Leadership and Sustainability | Center for
Industrial Ecology | Yale University
203-364-4223 (p) | 317-507-4246 (m)
What could someone expect to get out of attending the Byron
Fellowship? Here are recent fellows’ responses to the question:

“What was the greatest question you answered for yourself at Byron?”
“What is my vision for the future I want to create and how I can go about achieving it?”
“What is it that I want to create in the world, and how do I positively impact my community?”
“What world am I trying to create?”
“How do I connect to the Creative Beast that lives within to make beautiful Things in this world?”
“During the week I questioned whether I could enter deeply into self-reflection and really reclaim my hopes and dreams for my vocation. I did achieve that, with more work to come.”
“What is my role here, within my community? How can I best use my gifts to serve others? What is holding me back? What thoughts and patterns need to be left behind?”
“How can I be a more effective leader and person?”
“Are the goals I wish to achieve possible? They ARE, with the right framework and ongoing support, and radical self-discipline.”
“What is holding me back from confronting myself, and what can approach can I do take that will allow me to move forward?”
“How my values can help guide my priorities and the path I pursue?”
“How do I maintain faith in myself, my vision for the world, and the possibility for change when faced with challenges that seem insurmountable?”
“What is my authentic purpose?”
“How could I, as one person without many resources, possibly make a lasting impact?”
“How do I see the future for myself fitting into the world I envision?”
“Since Byron, what I learned about myself has altered the path I thought I was on. It is now one I am fully confident about.”
“Do I matter?” and “Am I enough?”
“Should I trust my instincts?”
“Where is my place in the world?”
“How can I bring meaning to any community I’m a part of?”
“Why is it important to embody the values of an organization in the structure, not just the content, of how it operates?”
“What [am I] really passionate about?”
“What do I have to offer the world?”
“Am I on the right path?”
“[Am I] strong enough to fulfill my goals, and dreams?”
“I’m not sure it was that “I answered question” as much as engaged in a transformative process. The process allowed me to explore and embrace who I am and the vision I have for my life and the world. By doing so, I gained confidence and courage to enact this vision as a “whole person.””
“What does transformational sustainability pedagogy look like and feel like on the ground? How can I use my own being to create a space for full expression, and contribute to an awakening of love, leadership and wisdom?”
“Is what I’ve been doing for the last 4 years worth it? And my answer is yes.”


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