CWRU Great Lakes Energy Institute Opportunities for CAS Students

The Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI) at Case Western Reserve University is taking applications for the ThinkEnergy program for the 2016-17 year. The goal of ThinkEnergy is to prepare our future energy leaders to navigate the dynamic energy landscape and manage its impact. ThinkEnergy connects students with faculty, government, companies, financiers and local, national and international communities around energy topics providing tangible opportunities for students to apply classroom fundamentals to the real world. ThinkEnergy is a voluntary program for both undergraduate and graduate students, however, stipends, travel expense and course credit are available. ThinkEnergy is a one year commitment commencing fall 2016. This program is open to all majors.
Fall 2016: Participation in an Energy Learning Community
ThinkTanks, as they’re called, provide a unique connection point for peers, mentors, advisors, alumni and global leaders to come together to discuss and debate relevant topics in energy and sustainability. They enhance students’ ability to converse on a wide range of related topics, balance and contrast different viewpoints, build teamwork skills, and enjoy a highly contagious intellectual community. ThinkTanks are weekly, one-hour meetings.
Spring  2016: ThinkEnergy Research and Scholarship projects
Research and scholarship projects encompass energy topics in science, engineering, business, law, political science, and more. ThinkEnergy students are paired up with a faculty expert for a semester of energy research. Along with research, students will spend 10 hours/week working at GLEI to gain a deep and broad exposure to energy that will prepare them for future economical, technological and societal challenges pertaining to the global energy ecosystem.
Summer 2016: ThinkEnergy Internship/Externship
Students will participate in real-world energy-related opportunities directly in industry or at another external organization. This will be in the form of an internship, co-op experience or consulting project. External engagement is not limited to Cleveland, OH. Students could participate in international programs that touch global energy issues such as Engineers Without Borders, Partnerships for International Research Education or by working with faculty engaged in international collaborations.
While we have closed general application acceptance, due to low submission from CAS majors, we are reopening it only for those students. Therefore, if you are interested and are a CAS major, you may access the application form here: ThinkEnergy Application Link
Applications from CAS majors will be accepted through May 6 and interviews will take place in the summer via Google Hangout.
Questions? Contact Lisa Chalk

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