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The National Center for Science Education is offering a free one-year membership to graduate students.

You got where you are thanks to great science teachers.  Did you know that not every kid in America gets a decent science education?  Join the National Center for Science Education for FREE for a year and help us defend science education today.

Does science education really need defending?

It sure does.  Would you believe that one in eight U.S. public high school biology teachers advocate creationism? The situation with respect to climate change is equally chilling. More than a third of middle and high school science teachers tell their students that scientists are divided about the causes of climate change. Plus teachers who want to teach these topics accurately often encounter pressure from parents, administrators, and school board members.

On the national level, in the past two years nearly twenty bills have been proposed in states across the country that try to open the science classroom door to misinformation about evolution and climate change. Legislators and members of state boards of education across the country have tried to block efforts to include evolution and climate change in science textbooks and state science standards.

What is NCSE?

The National Center for Science Education is the only organization in the country devoted entirely to defending the integrity of science education.  With just eight full-time staff members, we’ve got a big job to do, and we need all the help we can get.

Help to do what?

NCSE is a nationally recognized voice for the integrity of science education. We provide direct help to teachers, connect graduate students with K-12 classrooms, organize local communities to support science education, and work with grassroots activists to block efforts to politicize science education. With our members’ support, NCSE stands up for the integrity of the science classroom, and for science itself.

But we need more help! NCSE is seeking early-career scientists to join us and help stand up for good science.

How much does membership in NCSE cost?

For graduate students? Nothing! We are offering a free one-year membership to graduate students. We know that graduate students care about the integrity of science education but have limited income. We want to make sure that you know what is going on in your community, state, and across the nation. We also want to help you to engage and work with scientists, teachers, and community members to communicate your love of science to the public and to help to improve and defend science education.

What will you receive?

We will keep you apprised of challenges to science education in your community through action alerts and our quarterly newsletter, Reports of the National Center for Science Education. If you are looking for some broader impact opportunities, we can help you with that too, through our Scientist in the Classroom program. And if you want to get your community more involved in supporting science education, we can help connect you to other science advocates in your community.

Sign up today to help defend the integrity of science education!


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