Technical Assistant in the Swager Lab – Department of Chemistry, MIT

Greetings from Cambridge, MA.  Find below a link for a position at our lab at MIT for any interested BS chemistry/biochem/ChemE graduates.  It is for a position in our lab working on a sensing technology that we are looking to spin out if the Swager Lab.  Professor Swager has had a lot of success in commericalizing technologies developed in the lab.  Probably good for a recent graduate with some synthesis experience or a graduate that wants to get some more experience prior to applying to graduate programs
Job Description  and Link
TECHNICAL ASSISTANT, Chemistry, to join the laboratory of Professor Timothy Swager.  Will perform research on liquid phase detection with the goal of developing improved sensors relevant to the food industry.  Duties and responsibilities will include the synthesis and characterization of sensing materials, incorporation of materials into sensory devices, evaluating the specificity and selectivity of devices for various analytes of interest, collecting and analyzing research data, keeping a detailed laboratory notebook of experimental methods and data, maintaining a deep and current understanding of the literature, and making informed recommendations to solve technical problems.  
The position offers an excellent opportunity to be part of a research project close to commercialization with a highly motivated team.
Job Requirements 
REQUIRED:  a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, or related field; laboratory experience; strong computer, interpersonal, and communication skills; and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.  Job #13998
This is a one-year term appointment with the possibility of extension based upon mutual agreement.  The start date is the Fall of 2016. 

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