As the Dean of the Van Andel Institute Graduate School, I am asking you to help us find the research leaders of tomorrow.  Do you know young scientists with a passion for research and a goal of improving human health?  Van Andel Research Institute, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, conducts biomedical research with a focus on cell biology, epigenetics and neurodegenerative disease with an emphasis on translating scientific results into clinical applications.  Our independent graduate school, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, trains Ph.D. scientists to be research leaders in cellular, molecular and genetic studies relevant to human diseases.

Our unique program offers the following benefits:

o   A curriculum based on problem-based learning which guides students to read, think, discuss, and write as scientists

o   Distinguished faculty and a low student: faculty ratio

o   Time to degree well below the national average

o   Extensive opportunities for professional development

o   Weekly seminars bring world renowned scientists to the institute

o   Exceptional facilities with extensive core technology support

o   Institutional fellowships provide generous stipends, insurance, and research support

o   Funding for travel to scientific conferences allowing students to develop their own professional networks

We seek effective independent learners who thrive in a collaborative team environment.  A solid foundation in cell biology, molecular biology and genetics will be important.  However, an understanding of and passion for the life of a scientist and the exploration of cutting-edge scientific questions is even more essential.  More information is available at our website ( or by contacting the graduate school office at or at (616) 234-5708.  Thank you in advance for connecting your outstanding students with this exceptional opportunity.


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