10th Annual Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC 2016) November 5th, 2016 at Cleveland State University: INVITATION and CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

The Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Club (GSIRC) is calling for abstracts for the Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC). Both oral and poster presentations are invited. Though our affiliation is to science disciplines, we encourage researchers from all avenues of research to make a submission. Graduate and undergraduate research are separately assessed and recognized with monetary awards.

Submission procedure and requirements: Abstracts should be electronically submitted as Microsoft Word file attachment gsirc.mail@gmail.com adhering to the following format.  Email subject line should include:

 Preferred method of presentation (oral / poster)
 Graduate / Postdoctoral / Undergraduate category
 Microsoft Word for PC (not Mac/Apple or Word Perfect)
 Times New Roman 10 point; full justification
 Title: Appropriate first letters capital. Times New Roman 10 point, Bold. do not indent
 Authors: List names [first name, middle initial (if applicable), last name] and highest degrees. Affiliation should be included as a superscript number defined later. Presenting author should be in bold lettering, underlined. Identifying the affiliation: Department and/or institution / company; new line below authors, define superscript numbers associated with the respective author name. If there are two or more authors from same entity, use same superscript number.
 Abstract body: Single spaced; do not indent. Maximum of 400 words, excluding title and authors.
 Diagrams: If tables, schemes, charts and pictures are to be included, author should make sure to reduce text to accommodate whole abstract in single letter sized page. Abstracts with such diagrams should attach separate pdf file of whole page.
 Paragraph spacing: We recommend appropriate single line space between paragraphs, for best appearance when directly converted to pdf format.

Attending the Conference: Faculty, employees and/or students who wish to attend the conference can RSVP to the above email. RSVP of the presenting author is default. We encourage students from a given institution to RSVP as a group.

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