Science Education at Syracuse University

Science Education Teacher Preparation

Syracuse University’s master’s program in Science Education Grades 7-12 (biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics) prepares teachers for teaching diverse students in 21st-century classrooms. Students will learn to design inclusive, culturally relevant pedagogy for all students. The program graduates new professionals who are ready to teach science using inquiry-based methods that engage learners in practices of science and promote deep conceptual understand of core concepts, and aligns with the professional standards of the National Science Teachers Association and the New York State Teaching and Learning Standards. Whether working in the classrooms or in the community, our graduates understand the key role that science educators play in developing the scientific literacy skills necessary for lifelong learning and active engagement in a world where science and technology play a pivotal role. This 36 credit program is designed to be completed full time in 14 to 16 months, beginning in May.

Why Syracuse?

  • Our faculty are deeply interested in educational theory and research in the field of science education.
  • This program has strong collaborative ties with faculty in Science Departments. Students will develop content knowledge and inquiry skills through a mentored science research experience and coursework in the nature of science.
  • Small student cohorts mean close involvement with teachers and peers who will become your lifelong colleagues.
  • Three terms – summer, fall, and spring – center on intensive field placements to provide rich teaching experiences with youth from diverse backgrounds.

Courses Include:

  • Understanding Learning and Teaching
  • Curriculum Problems in Science
  • Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs
  • Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction
  • The Nature of Science in Science Education

For information on Science education please visit the School of Education website or contact Sharon Dotger (Program Coordinator) orSperanza Migliore (Graduate Admissions).


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