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35th H.C. Brown Lectures in Organic Chemistry

35th Herbert C. Brown Lectures in Organic Chemistry

Location:  Purdue University

Date:  Thursday, April 12 and Friday, April 13, 2018

This year’s event promises to be an exciting celebration to honor the career of Professor H.C. Brown.  The program includes a diverse array of topics from the fields of synthetic and physical Organic Chemistry by a distinguished group of plenary speakers:

Thursday, April 12

Time:  4:30 PM (EST)

Location:  Wetherill (WTHR) Room 104

Bruce H. Lipshutz, UC Santa Barbara:  “Switching Synthetic Chemistry from Organic Solvents to Water; Faster, Better, Cheaper, and Sustainable”

(Recipient of the 2017 ACS Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods)

Friday, April 13

Time:  9:00 AM (EST)

Location:  Stewart Center (STEW) Room 218

Zhenan Bao, Stanford University:  Designing Skin-Inspired Organic Electronic Materials”

Matthew Gaunt, University of Cambridge:  “New Strategies for Chemical Synthesis: From C–H Activation to Protein Functionalization

David Walt, Harvard Medical School:  Using Microwell Array Technology to Probe Chemistry and Biology at Their Fundamental Limits”

Jin-Quan Yu, The Scripps Research Institute:  Enantioselective and Remote C–H Activation Reactions”


For more information about the H.C. Brown Lectures, please visit our website at:   All interested students, faculty, and scientists are welcome to attend.  Registration is free, and includes lunch for all participants who register by Friday, April 6, 2018.  We also encourage student participants to present their recent works at our poster session and competition, with prizes awarded for the best posters.  We look forward to seeing you in April.

Register, Present, Attend! Midwest Regional SACNAS Research Conference at UChicago April 28th!

The SACNAS Chapter at the University of Chicago is looking for STEM students to attend and present their research at the Midwest Regional SACNAS Conference on Saturday, April 28th, 2018SACNAS is a national organization dedicated to fostering diversity in STEM fields. The theme for the regional conference is Progress on All Fronts: Personal, Professional, and Social Advancement, which will showcase cutting edge science and technology research, as well as new efforts in STEM diversification and inclusion.

Presenting your research, either orally or through a poster, is an excellent way to hone your public speaking and communication skills, strengthen your CV, and initiate conversations with professionals and potential employers. Even if you choose not to present your research, everyone is welcome to attend numerous professional development panels and workshops. However, this is an opportunity to advance your academic career so we strongly encourage you to submit a proposal to present at the conference. 

To be considered for a presentation, please register here and submit a 200 word abstract online by March 30th, 2018. Presenters must be current undergraduate, graduate, or post-baccalaureate students in any STEM field. If you wish to attend but not present, or, if you are ineligible to present, please register here.

The conference is free to attend and will provide a valuable professional development opportunity for everyone. If you have questions about the conference, you should contact the UChicago SACNAS Chapter at Additionally, make sure to check the event on Facebook for the latest updates.

Announcing MIM 2018 at Oberlin College

Dear faculty and students,
The Meeting-in-Miniature (MIM) of the Cleveland Section of the ACS has become a much-anticipated event in the calendar of many local undergraduate and graduate researchers. MIM is a great way to showcase your work and is effective preparation for presenting at an ACS national meeting or regional meetings. It is also a great opportunity to meet chemistry and biochemistry faculty and students from neighboring colleges and universities.
MIM 2018 will be held on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 28 March 2018 at Oberlin College in Oberlin OH. Registration for the meeting is free. The half-day program will begin in the mid-afternoon with parallel sessions of 20-min talks (including 5 min of Q&A) with a plenary lecture by Emily Pentzer of Case Western Reserve University and dinner to follow in the new Hotel at Oberlin. We look forward to a large turnout and a great meeting.
Meeting registration and submission of abstracts to be considered for oral presentation is now open. Registration and abstract submission should be performed online using the link Abstracts have a 200-word limit and required information includes:  title of presentation, presenting author, mentor of presenting author, department and university affiliation, email of presenting author, category (undergraduate, graduate, other), division (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic/materials, organic, physical), and abstract. The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is 1 March 2018. Send any question or concern to Zoey Hua at Meeting details as they develop will be posted at the Cleveland ACS.
Faculty mentors and other chemistry professionals are invited to serve as judges and session chairs for the oral presentations. Volunteers should email Rob Thompson at with the subject “MIM volunteer”.
Oberlin College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

New Scholarship Opportunity in the MS-PSD

The Physical Sciences Division at the University of Chicago is proud to announce the PSD Pathway Scholarship, a program that offers two years of full tuition, fees, insurance and stipend support to our Masters of Science in the Physical Sciences Division (MS-PSD). Applicants applying directly to the MS-PSD program will be invited to additionally apply for the Pathway Scholarship.

We [hope to reach] any potential applicants who would benefit from two years of fully funded coursework and research in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Biophysical Sciences, Chemistry, Geophysical Sciences, or Physics. MS-PSD is intended to prepare students for doctoral study in these fields, and the PSD Pathway Scholarship focuses on supporting students who would benefit from receiving additional support as they work towards their doctoral degree.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please join us for an online information session – we’ll be sending application fee waiver codes to anyone who attends an online session.