Undergradu​ate Science Journal Seeks Staff!

Fall Hiring is Open!

JYI is seeking motivated students to join our staff!

With the return of the academic year often comes an increase in submissions for JYI, and we expect this year to be no different. Each summer, as students graduate and leave JYI, we look for new, enthusiastic staff members to fill their roles. This fall we are looking forward to the new submissions that have been written and polished during the summer, but we need more staff members to help! We have also been in contact with a very large scientific writing contest in Europe, and we plan to publish many of those papers as well. This is where you come in:

JYI is seeking motivated undergraduate students to fill several different roles within our organization. We are a volunteer-run, non-profit, open access science journal dedicated to expanding publication access and experience to undergraduate students. Our staff is made up entirely of undergraduate students, with assistance of faculty and professional mentors. All of our staff receive training in the department of their position, which may include corporate management, science writing, journalism, editing, finance management, and programming.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Associate Editor- Biology and Medical Sciences
  • Associate Editor- Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  • Associate Editor- Psychology and Social Sciences
  • Copy Editor
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Corporate Officer
  • Science and Career Center Editor
  • News and Features Editor
  • Journalist
  • Programmer
  • Chief Financial Officer*
    • *CFO is a member of JYI’s Executive Board

For more information and application, please visit http://www.jyi.org/participate/student/

and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Rachel Bietz, Director of Public Relations
Journal of Young Investigators

Undergradu​ate Journal Seeks Submission​s and Staff!

 My name is Rachel Bietz and I am the Director of Public Relations for the Journal of Young Investigators (JYI), writing to notify your students of opportunities to expand their experience with our international non-profit organization. Originally funded by the National Science Foundation, JYI is an independent, peer-reviewed, online science journal that is managed entirely by and for undergraduate students from across the world. We have exciting opportunities in many of our departments that would allow students to explore careers in science journalism, scientific editing and publishing, public relations and marketing and web development, while contributing to a growing organization that supports the work of other undergraduate students. We believe that by doing meaningful work in their field of interest, students will generate skills and develop practical knowledge that will reinforce the work they are doing in the classroom.
We ask that you please forward the following message to your department or school’s listserv, and that you share this opportunity with students who might be interested. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions at dpr@jyi.org.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Rachel Bietz
Director of Public Relations
Journal of Young Investigators

Call for Student Posters at Green Chemistry Conference in Cleveland

On April 1, 2014 there will be a  Great Lakes Green Chemistry Conference with a focus on “Innovating for Success in Green Chemistry” in Cleveland. Please feel free to forward and/or post the attached ‘Call for Student Posters’ to any students, researchers or graduate students who might be interested.

The purpose of this conference is to show how innovations in green chemistry drive advances in business, academia, policy, and human health protection in the Great Lakes region, and how integration and                      collaboration of these areas are crucial for success. The conference will include keynotes, plenary sessions, panel sessions, breakout sessions and a poster networking exchange.

A poster networking exchange  session will be offered to enable interactive discussions for research and implementation strategies related to green chemistry. We are inviting posters from anyone involved in research, safer formulations, new product development and implementation, decision-making tools, or technical assistance. Ideally, posters will make a connection between green chemistry expertise and business needs in product development in safer chemistry.   Student involvement is encouraged and entries from students are welcome.

Please submit by January 31, 2014 to kim@p2.org.     If you have any questions, please contact Kim Richards at kim@p2.org or (202)299-9701.

Available Undergradu​ate Internship​s: The Journal of Young Investigat​ors

Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) is an independent, non-profit, peer-reviewed, online science journal that is managed entirely by and for undergraduate students from across the world.  JYI’s  innovative manuscript review process serves as a platform for undergraduates to be involved in every step of the peer-review process, a valuable experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Since its founding in 1997,  JYI has been the pioneering journal for reviewing undergraduate research, publishing science news, and providing career information. JYI’s unique mission has been recognized in Science, Nature, EurekAlert!, The Chronicle  on Higher Education, and The New York Times.

JYI is currently looking for highly motivated undergraduates to fill positions within our organization.  Being involved in JYI is a chance to channel your enthusiasm and create a long lasting impact during your undergraduate career.   The deadline to apply is December 20th and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. For more  information on how to apply, please visit: http://www.jyi.org/participate/student/

Ivy Journal of Ethics: A Call for Submissions!

Deadline: February 3

I am writing on behalf of the Ivy Journal of Ethics, a journal seeking undergraduate submissions for its Spring 2013 volume. The Ivy Journal of Ethics is the undergraduate Bioethics Journal published at Cornell University and has a circulation throughout the United States,United Kingdom, and Canada. In this past issue, we have received submissions from colleges and universities across the world such as University of Oxford,University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University. We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward the message below to the Department of Chemistry email list and to any other groups whose members you feel might be interested in contributing to the Journal.In addition, if you think that any of your colleagues or student organizations at Case Western Reserve University would be interested in sending this message to their studentsplease do not hesitate to forward this message.

A Call for Submissions!

The Ivy Journal of Ethics is an annual journal of applied bioethics published by the Bioethics Society of Cornell.Research and discussion based articles are published primarily from undergraduate students at schools throughout the US, Canada,and Europe. In the past, we have also published submissions from notable faculty members, such as Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann. It has been well received by noted Bioethicists such as Dr. Atul Gawande of Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School. For past editions of the Ivy Journal of Ethics, please visit our website: www.rso.cornell.edu/bsc.

We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2013 edition of the Journal. Past volumes have contained an array of issues, from xenotransplantation, stem cell research, abortion, and in vitro fertilization to matters concerning doping in athletics and bioterrorism.

Submissions should be emailed to Cornell.Ethics@gmail.com by February 3, 2013. Please do not submit manuscripts that have been or will be up for publication in any other journal.

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